How can you make reliable income from low-yield land?

Land that is not well-suited to agriculture can become very valuable if the land is used for a solar park, to generate green electricity.

30 years of secure leasing income

A solar park has many advantages. It generates green electricity on your doorstep, serves nature conservation and promotes biodiversity. And you can count on secure leasing income over 30 years, which, combined with the solar park on low-yield land, is economically even more attractive.

Specially created flower strips create habitats for wild bees, birds and insects. Fencing around the facility creates low-disturbance breeding grounds and retreats for amphibians. Depleted soils can recover and become renatured without fertilization.

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STARVERT solar parks

How suitable is your land for a solar park?

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Which land types are suitable?

What‘s important when selecting land for a solar park?

STARVERT solar parks are at least ten hectares in size. Land types that may be suitable include landfill, industrial, military or mining sites or land along motorways or railways. Soils with low agricultural yields are also suitable. High-quality soils are preserved for agriculture or nature conservation.

The land must not be in the shade. If the terrain is hilly, at least most of it should face south. Have a chat with us, we are happy to advise you.

How can we
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How can we
help you?