Construction Projects

Current construction projects

Here, climate-friendly electricity is currently being produced


Estimated construction area
13 ha

Estimated construction time
5 months

Estimated performance:
17,5 M4p

at least 8.750 t/p.a.

How does STARVERT Energy GmbH calculate the CO2-saving of a solar park?

In calculating CO2 savings, WIRCON GmbH attaches great importance to traceability and transparency. Calculations are based on a CO2 avoidance of 500g per kWh. In general, CO2 savings can be lower or higher, depending on the composition of the electricity. Solar and wind energy are low in CO2, whereas lignite and hard coal in particular are high in CO2 emissions. Gas has yet another CO2 balance. Germany and other European countries provide an electricity mix made up of different energy sources with different weightings. By supplying renewable energies such as wind and solar power, the CO2 load decreases for every kilowatt hour consumed. Based on the guide “Current Facts on Photovoltaics in Germany”, an avoidance of approx. 690g CO2/kWh is estimated for photovoltaic electricity (page 50). A low value of 500g CO2 per kWh was deliberately used for the calculation. The CO2 savings are therefore likely higher.

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How can we
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